Thursday, July 28th – lay day at Acadia National Park

Jordan Pond, Acadia National Park

The temperature is hovering around 58 degrees at daybreak.  Today will be sunny with a high temperature of 75…perfect weather to explore Acadia National Park by bicycle.

Our tour begins on Sargent Drive, riding north along the eastern shoreline of Somes Sound and admiring the water views.  We cross over to the carriage trails and cycle to the Visitor’s Center at the northern entrance to the Park.  By this time, we have consumed our emergency stash of Clif bars.  Midday hunger is starting to set in.  We ride south via the eastern shore of Eagle Lake to Jordan Pond House, the only location along the carriage trails where food is available. 

Popover, as served at the Jordan Pond House

By this time it is mid-afternoon.  We inhale a few popovers with strawberry jam, the signature dish of Jordan Pond House during afternoon tea.  They are delectable and filling.  But we are disappointed in the ambience and menu of Jordan Pond House.  We have fond memories of this special place that date back to a previous visit in 1990.  Change is inevitable.  It is unrealistic for us to have such great expectations based on a previous experience over two decades ago.  

We continue on to Northeast Harbor via the Amphitheater carriage trail and Route 198.  By the time we arrive at the dinghy dock, our odometer reading for the day is 32 miles.  We are revived by a hot shower and a nourishing meal aboard Cutter Loose.

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