Thursday, July 21st

Bike Fridays go shopping in Tenants Harbor, ME

Yesterday, we traveled to Rockland by bicycle.  Today, we return to Rockland under sail with a close eye on the weather. 

By 9 AM, the anchor is up in Tenants Harbor and the wind is already humming out of the south at 15 knots.  With southerly winds and a northerly destination, we enjoy a smooth sail downwind to Rockland.  By the time Cutter Loose rounds Owl’s Head Light to enter Rockland Harbor. the wind has increased to 20 knots and Penobscot Bay is churning with whitecaps. 

Owl's Head Light, entrance to Rockland Harbor

The purpose of today’s trip is to seek refuge from from strong southwesterly winds that are forecasted for this afternoon and this evening.  Rockland Harbor is a large body of water that offers good protection from winds out of the south and west.  Our plan is to anchor in the southwest corner of the harbor in the protective lee of the hills and trees that line the shore.  There is less than one half mile of fetch between our anchorage and land.  Presumably, wind and waves will have little chance to build up in our little corner of the harbor given our location.  But Notus is not to be denied today.  

By 2 PM, south and west winds are piping through the anchorage at a steady 22 knots with gusts to 30.  Cutter Loose is dancing around her anchor while we are nestled comfortably in the cockpit, insulated from the wind by a canvas enclosure. 

By 9 PM, the wind has subsided to a steady 15 knots with gusts to 20.  This weather system is expected to weaken overnight, paving the way for a short sail to Camden on Friday.

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