Tuesday, December 2nd to Friday, December 5th – arrival in Grenada


On Tuesday, the silver bird transports us to another world…one that is quite warm, humid and festooned with dense green vegetation.  We are met at the airport by our driver, Mr. Boney.  He explains that rain has been plentiful of late here in Grenada.  This is good news for the nutmeg crop, but bad news for tomatoes and other garden vegetables.

beach at duskThe hour is late when Boney drops us at La Sagesse, a small but delightful resort on a picturesque bay located on the south coast of Grenada.  From our open-air room on the ocean, we are lulled into a deep sleep by the rhythm of incessant waves lapping on the beach.  Tree frogs ramp up their chorus at sunset, continuing their noisy performance until the break of dawn.  Without missing a beat and not to be outdone, the morning serenade is the lyrical call and response of tropical birds. In terms of sheer volume, these creatures are outstanding and powerful performers.

John and Sammy at La Sagesse (no, they're not married)

John and Sammy at La Sagesse (no, they’re not married)

La Sagesse is an oasis in St. David’s Parish.  Located just a mile from the boatyard at Grenada Marine, it is home to an idyllic crescent-shaped white sand beach lined with coconut palms that bend gracefully towards the water.  Here at La Sagesse, it is virtually impossible not to be on a first name basis with the owners and staff.  Each morning after breakfast in the beachfront dining area, the staff at La Sagesse transports us to the nearby boatyard to commence another hard day of work preparing Cutter Loose for launch.

muddy boatyard

When we arrive at the yard under cloudy skies on Wednesday morning, workers are hovering around Cutter Loose in a last minute effort to prepare her for launch.  Despite the fact that our launch date has been established for months, Grenada Marine is running behind schedule.

It's beginning to look like a tropical Christmas

It’s beginning to look like a tropical Christmas


This is an important opportunity for us to adapt to “island time”.  Eventually, everything will come together.  Launch is postponed for 24 hours to allow time for the workers to complete their tasks, which will, in turn, provide us with valuable time alone on Cutter Loose to bend on the sails and erect the cockpit canvas.

On Cradle

This 24 hour reprieve reduces stress by providing one more relaxing night at La Sagesse.  The following morning, we bid farewell to our friends at La Sagesse to get an early start at the boatyard.  The policy at Grenada Marine is “no cash…no splash”.  After settling our yard bill at 9 AM, the day evolves into a  “hurry up and wait” exercise.

In Lift


No amount of cajoling or prodding will hasten our departure.  Launch will occur on Grenada Marine’s schedule.  Finally, Cutter Loose hits the water at 2 PM for the five mile journey west to Le Phare Bleu, a boutique resort/marina where we will spend a week devoted to re-commissioning tasks.


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