April 19th to April 27th – La Phare Bleu Marina




Our 2014 sailing season has dwindled down to one final week afloat at La Phare Bleu Marina in Calivigny Bay.  This is de-commissioning week, i.e., the process of cleaning, shutting down boat systems and preparing Cutter Loose for summer storage.



CL dock shotEach day, tasks listed on our four page de-commissioning checklist are crossed off as they are completed.  The work is routine and mundane, yet satisfying.  Much of this work is accomplished in cramped quarters on one’s hands and knees…torture for the joints, but a purposeful exercise in humility and contortionism.




Brunch plateOn Easter Sunday, we set aside our boat chores to attend brunch at Whisper Cove Marina with friends Donna and Steve of s/v Summer Love and Hilma of IP 38 Blue Gull. The mellow entertainment today is provided by Cecil, a classical guitarist with an extensive repertoire committed entirely to memory. The buffet is quite good, as usual.  The gazpacho, in particular, is excellent.


Cecil Easter

glen pam rogerEach afternoon, soaring temperatures and humidity send us scampering to the pool for a cooling dip.   Our pool companions for the week are Glen and Pam aboard IP 38 Blue Pearl who are here at La Phare Bleu for identical purposes.  We first met these folks in November of 2012 at Francis Bay in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  These recurring, chance encounters are one of the most enjoyable aspects of cruising. These congenial Canadian cruisers contribute to the convivial atmosphere here at La Phare Bleu.


Pete DavenportYet another pleasant surprise this week is a visit from Pete, our friend from Virginia Beach who served as an able crew member aboard Cutter Loose for the 2012 Caribbean 1500.  Recently retired, Pete is in Grenada on a shopping trip.  He is considering the purchase of a previously-owned sailing catamaran that is currently in storage at Spice Island boat yard in Prickly Bay.  Spending time with Pete brings back good memories of our nine days together at sea in transit from Hampton, VA to Tortola.  We wish Pete and Kathy all the best as they begin their transformation to the cruising lifestyle.



Having fulfilled our purpose at La Phare Bleu, Cutter Loose will move east to St. David’s Harbor on Sunday, 4/27 where we will await our appointment with the Grenada Marine Travelift early on Monday morning.



The so-called "traveler's palm" points east and west

The so-called “traveler’s palm” points east and west

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