Week #2 at La Phare Bleu Marina – Sunday, December 15th to Saturday, December 21st


Our second week at La Phare Bleu is characterized by a parade of marine repairmen, long days of polishing and waxing and a few excursions ashore.

CarolersSunday is a day for relaxation in Grenada.  Most of the businesses are closed and many families spend the afternoon at the beach.  However, a Christmas Bazaar is being held at True Blue Resort and Marina today.  Our dock neighbor, Donna, invites us to attend and we cheerfully accept.  The resort is filled with artists selling their paintings, jewelry, sculpture and clothing.  Carolers and steel drum performers contribute to the festive mood of the event.   Cruising friends Tom and Cary from IP 37 Dragon’s Toy are also in attendance, which provides an opportunity to catch up on events of the past seven months over a leisurely lunch in the marina restaurant.  It is good to be back in the company of last season’s cruising buddies.

Flower Arrangement

CL at dockNow that Thaddeus has finished his work, we are free to move about the deck.  Monday and Tuesday are devoted to polishing and waxing the foredeck and cockpit, followed by more polishing of stainless steel deck fittings.  Cutter Loose is beginning to look ship shape with her freshly refinished teak, shiny topsides and bright metal.  She has cleaned up quite well after seven months of yard storage under the punishing tropical sun.  However, it is not the topsides but rather the things that are not plainly visible that are the primary cause for concern.

CorrosionTake, for example, the depth sounder.  Simon and his assistant Dorsett have determined that corrosion on a hidden electrical terminal is a contributing factor to the failure of the depth sounder.  High heat and a moist environment wreak havoc on electrical connections.  After replacing the corroded terminal, however, soundings remain inconsistent.  Simon determines that a new transducer is needed in order to completely rectify the problem.  Since the transducer is mounted through the hull under the waterline, Cutter Loose must be hauled out of the water in order to effectuate this repair.  Ironically, just a few weeks ago she was in the yard at Grenada Marine where the repair could have been effectuated with ease.  Unfortunately, we were not aware that the depth sounder was malfunctioning until she hit the water.  Due to business closures during the Christmas holiday, the first opportunity to haul Cutter Loose for the transducer replacement is Friday, December 27th.

Simon and Dorsett troubleshooting the malfunctioning depth sounder

Simon and Dorsett troubleshoot the malfunctioning depth sounder

While Simon is on board, he tests the VHF radio in an effort to determine why we have been unable to hear the morning cruiser’s net.  He determines that the VHF radio itself is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.  Luckily, both the new depth transducer and the VHF radio are in stock at the marine supply stores here in Grenada.  We will place these boxes under the tree on Cutter Loose.


On Saturday, December 21st, we bid “Pharewell” to La Phare Bleu Marina and sail west to spend Christmas week on the hook in nearby Prickly Bay.  We send you warm Christmas greetings from the Spice Island.

Santa's Helper

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