Prologue: ‘Tis the season to be jolly

On Saturday, November 30th, the 2013 hurricane season came to an end.  Since May 8th, Cutter Loose has been resting patiently in a boat yard on the southern coast of Grenada without even a hint of threatening weather.   This has been the quietest hurricane season in the Caribbean since 1982.  For that, we are profoundly grateful.

After seven months living aboard Cutter Loose during the period October, 2012 through May, 2013, our return home in May was a happy occasion.  We will not soon take for granted the many conveniences we enjoy in the U.S.  We wasted no time indulging our craving for shopping trips to Whole Foods and meals out at favorite restaurants.  The resulting extra ballast will surely create additional stability aboard Cutter Loose.

Eric BikeTo be certain, the summer of 2013 wasn’t just about eating.  Routine health care appointments and miscellaneous house projects consumed much of the calendar.  The agreeable weather also provided ample opportunity to accumulate some miles on our bicycles, although not nearly enough to compensate for the increase in our caloric intake.  In June, I completed a memorable 330 mile unsupported ride from WashingtonDC to Pittsburgh with my Colorado friend, Darwin.  Then in August, Pat and I completed a multi-day unsupported out and back ride along the Erie Canal from Buffalo to Rochester before pedaling on to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.  September afforded several interesting trips, including a visit with Darwin and Barbara in Seattle and a week in Colonial Williamsburg with cruising friends Hayden and Radeen and consummate road warriors, Greg and Kate.

Boat supply staging area...material to be packed into shipping barrels

Boat supply staging area…material to be packed into shipping barrels

As summer turned to fall, our thoughts shifted to cruising as we packed two 55 gallon cardboard barrel drums with boat supplies for shipment to Grenada.  Once the complicated paperwork was complete, the barrels were picked up at our home by Conway Freight and delivered to the Port of Miami where they were loaded on an inter-island freighter.  Two weeks later, we received word that our barrels were delivered safely to our marina in Grenada.  This will minimize the need to source boat supplies in the Caribbean.

Barrel shipped

Here in Pennsylvania, the transition from autumn to winter was abrupt.  A blustery winter storm system dropped six inches of snow and sent the thermometer plummeting to 17 degrees on Thanksgiving morning.  We are thankful for many things, but sub-freezing temperatures, gray overcast skies and being confined indoors is not our idea of a jolly time.

Early Morn

To everything, there is a season.  Hurricane season has come to an end.  The winter sailing season is upon us.  These events signal the need to migrate to a warmer climate.  On Tuesday, December 3rd, the silver bird will reunite us with Cutter Loose in Grenada.  Our game plan for 2014 involves a leisurely exploration of the islands of the Eastern Caribbean from Grenada to Antigua before returning to Grenada in May for summer layup.

We invite you to follow along on this journey by checking this website frequently.  Your e mails are a precious commodity as they help to keep us connected and informed while we are away.  Please stay in touch as we embark on another season of cruising in the Eastern Caribbean.

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