Friday, November 9th

At 1 AM, the distance to Tortola as the crow flies is 600 miles.  The wind this morning is from the NNW at 20 knots which pushes Cutter Loose along on a broad reach at a comfortable speed of 5 knots.  By 10:30 AM, however, wind speed has dropped to 10 knots.  This is our calmest day at sea since exiting the Gulf Stream.  Motorsailing now, we are tracking directly to our destination waypoint near a small group of islands known as the Dogs, just north of Tortola.

For the second time in as many days, Dolphin Boy Pete manages to snag yet another mahi mahi. The smaller cuts of the fish are diced and marinated in citrus and spices for our ceviche appetizer.  The catch from yesterday and today are combined into a delicious broiled mahi dinner served with steamed sugar snap peas and a salad.
In the coziness of the cockpit enclosure, the night watch is treated to a clear evening with an abundance of stars and constellations for agreeable company.

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