Tuesday, October 30th

Intermittent rain and gusty winds from the southwest dominate the weather in Hampton today.  The effects of Sandy are still being felt, but clearly the major impacts of this storm here in Hampton are history.  In 2011 we were in harm’s way, but we survived Hurricane Irene without incident.  In 2012, we survived three days of Sandy in relative comfort.  For this, we are profoundly grateful.  Our thoughts today are with those who have suffered losses as a result of Sandy.

Today we attend a seminar on health and wellness aboard ship, which provides common sense measures for dealing with illnesses, emergencies and evacuation at sea.  Subsequent seminars dealt with diesel troubleshooting, rigging precautions (including chafe) and jury rigging in the case of dismasting.  These discussions reinforce the resourcefulness that is required of everyone that goes to sea.

Steve Black conducts the Weather and Gulf Stream Forecasting seminar.  He discusses ocean currents in general, followed by a detailed discussion of the characteristics of the Gulf Stream that we will experience on Sunday when we enter the North Atlantic from the Chesapeake Bay.  Last February, we crossed the Gulf Stream in the Straits of Florida where the northerly current in the Stream is about 4 knots.  This year, we will encounter about 1 knot of current in the Stream as it bends to the northeast after passing Cape Hatteras.  In his presentation, Steve brings the Gulf Stream to life as he discusses the temperature, humidity, cloud formations, eddies and creatures that inhabit this vibrant, weather-influencing river within the ocean. 

Tonight, the Caribbean 1500 social event is pizza night at the Hampton Yacht Club.  This is yet another opportunity to spend time with new friends and meet additional participants in the rally.  It is a chilly but dry walk home in 45 degree temperatures with brisk winds from the southwest.  A brilliant moon in the sky overhead provides hope for a clear day tomorrow.

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