Sunday, June 12th

Today we continue east on Long Island Sound to Shelter Island, located on the northeast edge of Long Island.  The morning brings calm weather and we take advantage of this opportunity to put another 72 miles under the keel of Cutter Loose

Since a cold front will move through the area later today, we keep our options open by sailing near the Connecticut coastline where we can duck into a harbor of refuge should the movement of the front progress more rapidly than anticipated.  By mid-afternoon, the sun makes an appearance and all traces of wind disappear.  We make the decision to steer towards Plum Gut on the north shore of Long Island, the gateway to an abundance of secure anchorages in and around Gardiner’s Bay.

Plum Gut is an opening in the coastline of Long Island between Plum Island and Orient Point.  Tidal currents rush through Plum Gut with intensity.  Inside Orient Point, we encounter 4 knots of current pushing against the bow of Cutter Loose.  We power our way through a brief passage of boiling water pushing our bow left and right, evidence of tidal rips at maximum flood.

At 6 PM, Cutter Loose is securely anchored in a weatherproof corner of Dering Harbor, located on the northwest corner of Shelter Island.  We are ready for just about any cards to be dealt by this cold front.

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