Wednesday, March 14th

Early morning showers in Marsh Harbor provide the backdrop for a relaxing morning aboard Cutter Loose.  Rain has been a rare event on this voyage.  In the cozy confines of the salon, we take comfort in the sound of raindrops on the deck.  We use this time to experiment with our new Internet connection through Bahama Wi-Max, whose wi-fi  hot spots are reputedly located in major harbors of the Sea of Abaco.   

Under sail on a beam reach in the aquamarine waters of the Sea of Abaco

Showers give way to partial clearing just before noon.  The anchor is up in Marsh Harbor.  Cutter Loose is under sail on a comfortable beam reach in 12 knots of breeze, this time to Great Guana Cay, about 9 miles to the northwest.   Winds increase to 20 knots in advance of a squall line moving in from the east as we approach Foots Cay. 

We enter the boat basin at the Settlement (town harbor) on Great Guana Cay and decide instead to move to the nearby anchorage at Fisher’s Bay.  Already the anchorage is filled with boats in anticipation of an important entertainment event scheduled for Friday afternoon.  Barefoot Man and his band will perform at Nippers Beach Bar.  Hundreds of fans and party-goers are expected to attend.

Grabbers Beach Bar

Cutter Loose is secured to a mooring in Fisher’s Bay amidst a late afternoon rain shower.  As the rain tapers off, we are in the dinghy preparing for a beach landing at Grabber’s, a small resort and beach bar at the head of Fisher’s Bay.  Every Wednesday evening, local residents and visiting cruisers are invited to a potluck on the sand beach at Grabbers.  Some 50 people are in attendance at this event.   In darkness, we push the dinghy from the beach into knee-deep water for the return trip to Cutter Loose.  We will continue our exploration of Great Guana Cay tomorrow.

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