Friday, February 17th – lay day at Boca Chita

Today is a day for relaxation and appreciation of this unique setting.  This small island was purchased and developed as a vacation retreat by Mark Honeywell of Honeywell Industries in 1937.  The Honeywells ferried themselves and friends from the Miami area to the harbor at Boca Chita via their fleet of three yachts.  Reportedly, Mr. Honeywell fired the cannon near the lighthouse when a yacht shuttling guests arrived in the harbor.  Following the death of his wife Olive in 1940, Mark Honeywell lost interest in the property.  Boca Chita is a National Register Historic District, now owned and operated by the National Park Service.  The dockage fee is $20 per night, collected on the honor system.

Dock space and campsites are at a premium since today is the beginning of the long President’s Day weekend.  Our group of intreped Island Packet sailors gather near the lighthouse to witness yet another crimson sunset.

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