Monday, November 21st

Long-time sailing friends Debbie and Dennis

Our departure from Delegal Creek must be timed at high tide.  This gives us a few hours in the morning to visit with friends Dennis and Debbie.  While we are visiting, the birds in the neighborhood have organized a poopfest aboard Cutter Loose.  When we return, the boat is covered in bird droppings.  We spend several hours restoring the dignity of Cutter Loose.

By noon, the tide has risen sufficiently to float Cutter Loose through the shallow entrance channel of Delegal Creek.  Our objective is to secure a late afternoon anchorage along the ICW.  Our journey today takes us 23 miles through Hell Gate, the Bear River and St. Catherines Sound to tiny Cattle Pen Creek.  The anchor is down in the Creek at the precise moment that the sun disappears below the horizon.

Barge on ICW at sundown

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