Friday, September 2nd

Navigating the narrow entrance to Rum Cove

Since the passage of Irene, the succesive days of favorable weather have enabled us to make steady progress towards Rock Hall.  At 7 AM, the anchor is up in Rum Cove.   The wind this morning is from the east which is blowing directly into Absecon Inlet and kicking up a swell.  We throttle up and blast our way through the waves on our bow.  Once beyond the Absecon sea buoy, the easterly wind becomes an asset as we ease into a comfortable broad reach en route to Cape May, a distance of 40 miles. 

Leaving the skyline of Atlantic City astern

Today is a refreshing short day of sailing.  At 1:30 PM, we are anchored next to the Coast Guard Station in Cape May Harbor.  The anchorage is lumpy today.  It is the eve of a holiday weekend.  The sportfishermen and recreational boaters are out in full force.  The whale watching boats, dolphin watching boats and bird watching boats are filled with tourists.  Few boaters here observe the posted no wake rule in the inner harbor.  The waves from passing boats causes Cutter Loose to bounce and roll on her anchor.  Her bow is facing west, lying to the outgoing tide.  The 15 knot wind on our stern is out of the east.  

We decide that a walk ashore will be a pleasant diversion.  After landing the dinghy at Corinthian Yacht Club, we take a liesurely stroll towards town.  Holiday traffic on the bridge entering Cape May is mounting. 

Back aboard Cutter Loose, we prepare for an early start in the morning.  At this point of the summer cruise, we focus on consuming the provisions that remain in the refirgerator and freezer, rather than replenishing supplies.  This is yet another sign that this voyage, like summer,  will soon come to an end.

We wish everyone a relaxing holiday weekend.

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