Tuesday, August 23rd

Irene is very much on our minds today.  The fundamental question for today is whether to stay in Newport or seek protection elsewhere.  Newport Harbor is exposed to the north…not an ideal place to be in a blow.  We decide to move west into Long Island Sound.

It is a superb day for travel…sunshine and blue skies.  Visibility is crystal clear.  Seas are calm.  We pass Block Island on our port side and set sail for Shelter Island on Long Island, 58 miles to the southwest.  Cutter Loose is on a mooring in wide-open Orient Harbor.  The weather will be calm tonight, so exposure is not an issue. 

Our plan for tomorrow is to move southwest along the north shore of Long Island which offers several alternative harbors of refuge.  A pre-Irene weather disturbance will pass through Long Island Sound on Thursday.  Thereafter, a few days of relative calm will precede the arrival of Irene on Sunday or Monday.

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