Monday, August 15th – lay day in Camden

Today is a day for staying put in Camden.  A Canadian cold front is approaching from the Northwest.  Showers and thunderstorms are moving through the mid coast of Maine ahead of this front.  A low pressure center over Newport and another low pressure center to the southeast of Nova Scotia contribute to this unattractive weather picture.  The intensity of the rain has increased steadily throughout the day.  Winds are now picking up out of the northeast, causing Cutter Loose to pitch at her mooring.  Like the wakes from lobster boats at 5 AM, nor’easters are part of the Maine experience.

We travel across the harbor to top off our fuel and water tanks at Wayfarer Marine.  As soon as there is a break in the weather, we will begin our return to the Chesapeake Bay.   

Despite the fact that we are snugly moored in the most attractive harbor of Penobscot Bay, the mindset of the cruise has already shifted.  The discovery phase has come to an end.  The relaxing 15 mile daysails and remote anchorages will soon be replaced by early morning departures and longer days on the water.   The casual three and four day samplings of shoreside attractions will give way to a series of quick one night stands at strategic locations not far off of the beaten path.  Soon we will resemble cows…picking up the pace as we return to the barn.

Once this weather system moves offshore and we are underway again, we will set our sights on Rock Hall.  A new goal will generate a different type of enthusiasm.   In the meantime, a touch of melancholy in anticipation of our departure is a fitting tribute as we recall the indescribable experience of sailing the bays, islands and thorofares of midcoast Maine.

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