Sunday, August 14th

First Congregational Church in Camden, ME

Sunday morning in Camden finds us at the First Congregational Church on Elm Street.  Today’s service acknowledges the contribution of Tom Mueller, the church’s 27 year old Minister of Music.  Tom is leaving Camden to pursue a doctoral degree in organ performance at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY while also serving as Assistant Director of Music at Third Presbyterian in Rochester.  By the music at today’s service and the outpouring of gratitude and well wishes from the parishioners, it is clear that this young man is adored by this congregation.  His impressive prelude and postlude (both J.S. Bach) demonstrate his mastery of the church’s pipe organ.  The minister delivers an upbeat message on the transformational role of music in our lives.  We are touched by the heart-felt emotion expressed during this service.

Savoring the memories of the Windjammer fleet

Sunday is turnover day in the Windjammer fleet in Camden Harbor.  Last week’s passengers have departed.  Crews are busy cleaning and preparing for the arrival of  new passengers for the coming week.  During the past three weeks, we have thoroughly enjoyed anchoring amongst the old schooners and watching the skippers deftly maneuver these large vessels through the narrowest of passageways between the islands and ledges.  On Monday mornings, the Windjammers sail to eastern destinations from Camden.  Since Cutter Loose is headed southwest from Camden, it is our final opportunity to be in their company.  We linger in the harbor, soaking in the views and the buzz of activity.  Overhead, the skies are becoming cloudy.

Laundry and provisioning dominate the afternoon.  By late afternoon, a few sprinkles are beginning to fall.  We are watching a low pressure system that will make its way through New England tonight and tomorrow, bringing with it a high likelihood of showers.  We will plan our departure from Camden accordingly.

Main Street in Camden

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