Friday, August 12th

This morning we bid a fond farewell to Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park.  Regrettably, we have completed our easting on this journey.  We have heard fascinating accounts from fellow sailors that have recently returned from points east, including Campobello Island, Grand Manan Island, St. Johns, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland.  We must save these destinations for a subsequent voyage.
We will revisit Camden before retracing our steps to the Chesapeake Bay.  Our journey today takes us 21 miles west in the general direction of Penobscot Bay.  This will position us for an easy run into Camden on Saturday.  Our destination today is Deer Island Thorofare.
Like Merchant’s Row, Deer Island Thorofare is another meandering east-west passageway or shortcut between Blue Hill Bay and Penobscot Bay.  These waters are dotted with islands and ledges.  Some obstructions are marked with buoyage while others are not.  This passage requires close attention to the charts, but the visual rewards are well worth the effort.  The scenery in the thorofare is stunning.
Cutter Loose is anchored just off the thorofare in a cove formed by Camp Island, Devil Island and Bold Island.  This anchorage is just a few miles east of the lobstering village of Stonington.  But there is a remote feel to this cove.  A Windjammer schooner is anchored nearby.  The crew shuttles its passengers ashore for a picnic dinner on the beach.  At sunset, we witness the rise of a full moon in the east. 

Anchorage at Camp Island

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